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My works on paper represent fragments of thought, feeling, or sensation. They
are provisional and spare, and every mark is considered. I am exploring a visual
vocabulary that both references and transcends written and spoken language.


I work exclusively on paper which, like skin, is fragile and permeable. It yields
readily to the touch, calling to mind the imperfections that accumulate with
time and experience on the body and the psyche.


The series, Diary Pages, is an ongoing part of my practice.  Made on familiar calendar
pages, they juxtapose the orderly passage of time with the messy, often random
realities that characterize our days.

My work is understated, reticent, and small in scale, all conscious choices.  In a world in which so much seems big, loud, and competing for attention, I value what is otherwise and regret
that it is often overlooked. I am interested in how little one can say and still convey

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